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Pokemon Crimson and Azure (New Abilities)
New Abilites:
Speed Swap
Cupid Charm
Tutu Siphon
Thorny Skin
Dragon Buff
Toxic Trap
Damp Skin
Raging Tantrum
Morning Dawn
Tornado Foulwind
Stormy Rain
Desert Blight
Slurry Water
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Pokemon Crimson and Azure (Elite 4 and Champion)
Elite Four of Neujersa:
• Ezekiel (Ghostly Poet)
Pokémon: Konghoul Lv. 45, Kashaman Lv. 45, Ankhlyo Lv. 45, Urchurn Lv. 45, Cloghoul Lv. 45 & Gengar (w/ Gengarite) Lv. 47
Pokémon (Rematch): Konghoul Lv. 50, Dusknoir Lv. 50, Trevenant Lv. 50, Kashaman Lv. 50, Ankhlyo Lv. 50, & Gengar (w/ Gengarite) Lv. 52
• Armando (Father of Crimson (Nicholas) or Azure (Lily))
Pokémon: Dragornet Lv. 45, Azeirryu Lv. 45, Titangle Lv. 45, Wyfruit Lv. 45, Cyclomo-o Lv. 45, & Manticrush Lv. 47
Pokémon (Rematch): Azeirryu Lv. 50, Druddigon Lv. 50, Titangle Lv. 50, Dragonite Lv. 50, Salamence (/w Salamencite) Lv. 50, & Manticrush Lv. 52
• Laura (Prima Ballerina/Ballet Teacher)
Pokémon: Aillurina Lv. 45, Tutomb Lv. 45, Sylveon Lv. 45, Berrixie Lv. 45, Mikmikus Lv. 45, & Gardevoir (w/ Gardevoirite) Lv. 47
Pokémon (Rematch): Pandancer Lv. 50, Tutomb Lv. 50, Sylveon Lv. 50, Furret Lv. 50, Slurpuff Lv. 50, & Gardevoir (w/ Gardevoirite) Lv. 52
• Bernar
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 0 0
Pokemon Crimson and Azure (Gym Leaders and Badges)
Gym Leaders & Badges:
•Oakley (Botanist) (Gym Leader of Pinesel City)
Pokémon: Sporelull Lv. 12, Cherbee Lv. 12, & Poisant Lv. 15
Badge: Pinecone Badge
TM: Grass Knot
•Lenore (Librarian/Museum Director) (Gym Leader of Midsax Town)
Pokémon: Scandicoot Lv. 16, Grubbon Lv. 16, & Radarret Lv. 20
Badge: Basics Badge
TM: Retaliate
•Shaquille (Electric Power Plant CEO) (Gym Leader of Atlant City)
Pokémon: Roostorm Lv. 22, Shoccub Lv. 22, Anglight Lv. 22, & Bearlectric Lv. 24
Badge: Bolt Badge
TM: Parabolic Charge
•Egbert (Bug Pokémon Enthusiast)(Gym Leader of Silvastock Town)
Pokémon: Beezlebug Lv. 25, Angelantis Lv. 25, Pestoxic Lv. 25, & Dragornet Lv. 28
Badge: Web Badge
TM: Steamroller
•Akari (Ballet Dancer/Drama Teacher) (Gym Leader of Camda City)
Pokémon: Archontis Lv. 28, Teddiursa Lv. 28, Kirlia Lv.28, & Evangeleon Lv. 30
Badge: Halo Badge
TM: Holy Blade
•Dusty (Racecar Driver) (Gym Leader of Brickwell Town)
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Pokemon Crimson and Azure Pokedex
Neujersa Region Pokédex:
001. Lisap (Grass)
002. Geckoak (Grass-Poison)
003. Birchameleo (Grass-Poison)
004. Embleat (Fire)
005. Kiddle (Fire)
006. Chargoat (Fire-Steel)
007. Squirtrout (Water)
008. Whalpool (Water)
009. Tsunarwhal (Water-Ice)
010. Sentartling (Normal-Flying)
011. Turrweet (Steel-Flying)
012. Steegle (Steel-Flying)
013. Scandicoot (Normal)
014. Radarret (Normal)
015. Maggorge (Bug-Ground)
016. Larvast (Bug-Steel)
017. Dragornet (Bug-Dragon)
018. Lobstrike (Water-Fighting)
019. Lobrawler (Steel-Fighting)
020. Roostorm (Electric-Flying)
021. Peskifly (Bug)
022. Pestoxic (Bug-Poison)
023. Duskog (Dark)
024. Lycave (Dark-Rock)
025. Scalmon (Water-Fire)
026. Anemomite (Water-Bug)
027. Spongsect (Water-Bug)
028. Evangeleon (Angel)
029. Devileon (Devil)
030. Bulkow (Ground-Steel)
031. Bullox (Ground-Steel)
032. Beezlebug (Devil-Bug)
033. Satarachnid (Devil-Bug)
034. Angelantis (Angel-Bug)
035. Archontis (Angel-Bug)
036. Sporelull (Grass-Poison)
037. Hypnocap (Gr
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 0 0
Pokemon Crimson and Azure (Locations and Routes)
Towns and Cities:
Kennyworth Town
Jacks City
Pinesel City
Brickem City
Seaheight Town
Midsax Town
Wildwood Town
Sandhook Town
Barnegie City
Atlant City
Asburg City
Geostein Town
Lenapo Ranch
Hoboke Town
Silvastock Town
Elkmore Town
Camda City
Greensbo City
Lakewoods Park
Brickwell Town
Melome Village
Bayhe City
Montclay City
New Lavender Town
Westvilla Town
Freepass City
Monumus City
Brunswell City
Eato Town
Gardenia City
Bloomville City
Trento City
Victory Road
Pokémon League
Route 1
Route 2
Route 3
Route 4
Route 5
Route 6
Route 7
Route 8
Route 9
Route 10
Route 11
Route 12
Route 13
Route 14
Route 15
Route 16
Route 17
Route 18
Route 19
Route 20
Route 21
Route 22
Route 23
Route 24
Special Places:
Team Anarchy Hideout
Team Rapture Hideout
Archon Foundation
Devil Cave
Altar Of The Evangelinne
Quartz Pillar
Hallway Of Origins
Victory Road
Pokémon League
Ultra Space
Mt. Leedsley
Mt. Appalchio
Mt. Casin
Mt. Hollia
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Pokemon Crimson and Azure (Characters)
Main Characters:
Crimson/Nicholas: Male, Dark Brown Medium Hair, Brown Eyes, Crimson Beret with White Pokéball Symbol, 6'03", Green Jersey Jacket, Yellow T-Shirt, Red & Black Backpack with Pokéball Print, Blue Denim Jeans, Caucasian Skin, White Socks, & Red & Black Sneakers.
Azure/Lily: Female, Honey Blonde Long Hair, Blue Eyes, White Hat with Pink Ribbon & Pink Pokéball Symbol, 6'01", Light Periwinkle Tube Top, White Bag with Pokéball Print, Pink Skirt, Caucasian Skin, White Knee Socks, & Pink Mary Jane Shoes.
Neujersa Region: Looks like the state of New Jersey but 10 times bigger.
Guillermo: Hispanic, Black Quasi-Long Hair, Green Eyes, 6'02", Green Jacket, Orange T-Shirt, Hispanic Skin, Brown Moleskin Pants, White Socks, & Blue Sneakers. Rival who chooses Starter Pokémon that's stronger than your Starter Pokémon.
Anya: Long Ginger Hair, Blue Eyes, Pink Tank Top, Caucasian Skin, 5'09", Bl
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 1 0
Darkstalkers OC: Specter Of The Damned
Astaroth Von Malekai: Baphomet's Ex-Messenger of The Underworld. For trillions of aeons, Astaroth has been traveling up and down the River Styx constantly sending messages of death to bad mortals that are dying and bringing messages to his master, Baphomet in a seemingly infinite and endless cycle day in and day out, year after year, every millennium without a break from it all. He always does what every messenger and/or herald of death does and he gets absolutely nothing out of it, not a thanks nor a compliment, not even a promotion as a hand of Death. It's all a thankless job to him, but somebody's got to do it. Tired of being shackled in his dead end job as a messenger of death, Astaroth finally snapped, put his foot down and finally stood up against Baphomet, telling him that he's been doing his death messaging work for trillions of aeons and he has been given nothing for it, no thanks, no compliments, no vacations, no sick days, no day offs, no raise, and most importantly,
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 0 0
Darkstalkers OC: He Who Mauls And Slaughters
Lobladat the Berserk: A berserker vandal warrior lycanthrope god with a thirst for blood. Aeons ago, there was a highly advanced yet ancient cult of demons in the Makai Region called the Kahnrithians & they worshipped many gods. They worshipped Solleacotal, The God of The 3 Suns, Selunaa, Goddess of The 2 Moons, Xanadues, The Deity of Life & Nature, Malefeszto, The God of Death & Fear & Despot of The 9th realm of Helfernuonox (The Makai version of Hell), Zsalaxar, The Lord of Order, Justice & Truth, Malzhoth, The Tyrant of Chaos, Evil & Doom, Benevules, Archon of Light & Peace, Malezor, Abomination of Darkness & War, Evitidae, The Seraph of Love, Fertility, Beauty & Mirth, Claymortis, The Lord of Wealth, Fire & Courage & Blacksmith of the Deities, Fangrir, The Saber-Fanged, Fire-breathing, & 20-Tailed Beast Of The Hunt, Zinnia, Queen of Spring, Aquinas, Maiden of Riverd, Lakes, Oceans, Water, Medicine & Herbs, Temporon, The Tim
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The Ballet Singularity of Zooey the Vixen
Sticks walked carefully into Zooey's house. She'd been acting a little strange and it was worrying Tails, so she was cautious, well more cautious than previous times. Flicking a light switch, the scenery in the neatly polished wooden room schocked her mostly, although she'd seen this coming, but she wasn't expecting it so soon. In the centre of the room spun 3 women in strange outfits. Amy and Perci placed to one side and Zooey in the middle of both. Each were balancing on one leg while the other leg was suspended elegantly behind them. Their bodies were covered in a bright silver substance, the ceiling light making it glow ever so brighter. After a few seconds, Sticks realized that the substance had taken the form of pink, silky, smooth, frilly, elegant, sleeveless, strapless, satiny, chiffony, rose quartz-studded, & rose zircon-decorated prima ballerina tutus, silky, smooth, satiny, & light ballet pink ballet stockings/tights, & sparkly, shiny, silky, smooth, crystalline & satiny pin
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 1 4
Darkstalkers OC: The Unexorcised One
Blaire Rose: A young lady possessed by 999 different spirits from the ghost of a black widow bride, a savage bloodthirsty hellhound, a despotic Hungarian queen ghost, a young Japanese ghost girl that drowned in a well, a female Magyar vandal warrior ghost, a phantom doll woman in tatters, & a malicious Victorian England-era serial killer's spirit to an Egyptian pharaoh's spirit, the restless and murderous specter of an anarchist that was part of a demonic pact occult, a female buccaneer ghost, & the ghost of a barbaric Amazon woman warrior. Blaire Rose wasn't always possessed by 999 ghosts. In fact, as long as she can remember is that she had normal life and a normal childhood and on the 13th day on a Friday of October during the 13th hour at the age of 13 human years, she found a mysterious book called the Necronomicon and decided to read it, and what she found while reading the Necronomicon was a strange looking incantation and said the words of said incantation then all of a
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 1 0
Akumasona: Jersey Devil
Civilian ID: Nicholas Gregory Sinclair
Akumasona Name: Jersey Devil

Age: 20 ²/₁₆
Nicholas is a college student of Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and caucasian skin. His favorite hobbies include video games (& video game music), internet, drawing and searching for the cryptid known as the Jersey Devil. He has Asperger's Syndrome (Autism) and ADHD and a survivor of Piloricks Stenosis. He is determined to prove the existence of Jersey Devil. He is very kind, friendly, and nice, but can be a little flustered when agitated and can sometimes think about himself.
While a hard worker (mostly with chores and college work) & a true Jersey Devil believer, he feels like he's either made fun of for believing in the Jersey Devil and that it's real, overworked or that he doesn't get taken seriously when he tries to prove the Jersey Devil's existence. He also feels like he is ignored s
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 1 0
Darkstalkers OC: Restoration Sylphide
Eirika Renaissancia: The princess of the Selenia Kingdom who is also a sylphide. Eirika is of royal blood meaning she comes from a long family line of royalty and is the current princess of the Selenia Kingdom. She is also the fairest princess of the kingdom. Eirika is a dainty, nice and graceful princess who doesn't like to fight, but will fight to protect her kingdom if danger appears. When not protecting her kingdom from evil, she usually is seen practicing her ballet skills (She is an elegant ballerina), having a rosy cup of tea, singing (she's a beautiful singer with a beautiful falsetto voice.), or standing at the castle balcony basking in the beautiful moonlight. Her attire includes her pink gold princess tiara and her tutu/princess dress combo with crystal princess slippers. Her hair is the color of honey and it is long, also she has pink monarch butterfly fairy wings. She rules the kingdom alongside her brother, Ephraim Renaissancia, the prince of the Selenia Kingdom. H
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 1 8
Darkstalkers OC: Kasha King
Sekifang Heishado: The King of the Kashas. Kashas are mischievously devious yōkai. They wait until funeral services to reveal their true forms with fiery billows ablaze ready to steal the corpse and to either reanimate as slave puppets or to eat it after stealing the corpse right underneath the noses of the people of Japan. By merely taking their appearance and sneaky cunning ways, they've been mistaken for feral house cats and stray cats, almost docile yet sneaky in a devious sort of way, but they're maliciously quick, dangerously strong, seriously cunning, & very ruthless when it comes to stealing corpses during funeral services. The King among these corpse-stealing yōkai is Sekifang; bigger, faster, sneakier, smarter, stronger, & more cunning the rest, but very despotic against his enemies and the prisoners of his realm. Sekifang led 9,000 of his Kasha followers to the land of the rising sun in the darkest of moonlit nights, where they devoured 6,150 corpses, enslav
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Darkstalkers OC: The Hunter Of 1,000 Yokai
The Ōkamiden: An enigmatic Darkstalkers hunter who is not a human but 1 in 1000 yōkai. Multiple Yōkai used to live in the far eastern regions of the Makai realm until the war between the Aesland Clan & the Dohma Clan broke out. Many yōkai died, many of them escaped to Earth. However, 1,000 yōkai survived through the war, lucky enough to be alive. Angered for the deaths of yōkai friends and family and carnage and destruction of their once prosperous land, they swore a vendetta-like blood oath to hunt down and kill every darkstalker for what they've done. Thus, either by rage, curse, hex, or magical spell or ritual, the 1,000 yōkai turned a tall 19.5 foot humanoid being they called, The Ōkamiden. They walk the earth hunting down darkstalkers one by one with many forms such as the seductive momiji, the hunting kasha, the trickster kitsune, the mischievous kappa, the alluring yuki-onna, and the unpredictable tanuki. The Ōkamiden's true fo
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 0 0
Darkstalkers OC: Eldritch Anarchist
Azazel Grimoire: An Eldritch Demon who's half-human half-abomination who is the son of Azathoth (His Father) & an anarchist priestess named Nadia Ali-Raza Zaidi (His Mother) & A psychopathic anarchist hellbent on taking over the Earth & the Makai Realm. His outfit includes a black hat, a black trenchcoat, a plauge doctor mask, Freddy Krueger-styled Scissor Gloves, & The Amulet of Azathoth. Unmasked, he has pale albino skin, crimson red eyes, snow white hair that covers his left eye and a scar on his right eye, though that is his human form. Legend says that if one person were to see Azazel's true monster form, that person would go completely insane to the point where that said person would die. Azazel's fighting style is very unpredictable and his attack levels, speed levels, & evasion levels very extremely high. One would have to memorize his pattern to attack him and defeat him. If one were to play as him, that person would be very lucky and honored to fight as him. His abilit
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 0 0
Darkstalkers OC: The Half-Dentata and The Minocorn
Sugaria Pixila Faith & Minosauron: A Half-Dentata who was born to a male human fisherman & a female dentata ballerina, & a Minotaur/Unicorn half-breed who fell in love with the Dentata. The first two-in-one Darkstalkers character. Sugaria isn't like all dentata monsters, she's half human with a normal human face, despite the Sugar Plum Fairy Dentata being her mother. Sugaria does have a toothful mouth, but the mouth is that a normal human being's. Despite her human traits and some of her dentata skills and wonderful ballet dancing, she was an exiled outcast of the Dentata races and was sent to Minotaur Jungle to be killed. While there, she met a handsome burly strong minocorn named Minosauron, who was the son of a Minotaur prince & a Unicorn princess and also an exile. Minosauron took pity on Sugaria for he knew what it was like to be an exiled outcast and spared her life. Sugaria & Minoscorn grew a love connection with each other. They managed to run off to find a place where t
:iconcapricorndiem456:CapricornDiem456 0 0


Capcom Cats: Roll Caskett :iconnekohybrid:NekoHybrid 28 9 Melsarina :iconepickc01gamer:EpicKC01Gamer 1 0 Felicia :iconhybridmink:hybridmink 219 61 Tory doing Ballet :iconcarmenramcat:carmenramcat 6 3 Biomnitrix Unleashed - Diamondarms :iconrizegreymon22:rizegreymon22 63 18 Capcom Cats: Tron Bonne :iconnekohybrid:NekoHybrid 40 9 Capcom Cats: Splashwoman :iconnekohybrid:NekoHybrid 43 34 Felicia in a one-piece swimsuit :iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip 7 0 REQ 5 - Ballet Dancing :iconsmithandcompanytoons:smithandcompanytoons 7 4 Super Joker e Akeshia (FUSION!) :icondenderotto:DENDEROTTO 3 3
Mature content
Illegal Inversion :iconnaughtycatnick:NaughtyCatNick 11 0
Zooey again :iconcinus-findus:Cinus-Findus 11 11 I'll Find True Love One Day :iconmangochanfox:MangoChanFox 8 8 Capcom Cats: Kay Faraday :iconnekohybrid:NekoHybrid 36 5 Capcom Cats: Franziska Von Karma :iconnekohybrid:NekoHybrid 41 4 Capcom Cats: Ema Skye :iconnekohybrid:NekoHybrid 40 14


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